3 tips to enter the Noblahblah Zone!

Presenting without BS (and BS does not mean Bachelor of Science!)

In 2017, we decided to start a company for presentation training. So we did a brainstorm to find a name. One concept we really liked was “Presenting without Bullshit”. That evolved into the name Noblahblah.

Blah blah blah. It’s everywhere
From that moment on, something remarkable happened: I developed a blah blah blah antenna. Every time I hear someone say blah blah blah, little alarm bells go off in my head. And people say “blah blah blah” all the time. It’s everywhere.

So what is blah blah blah?
Well, it’s a driving-beat song from Armin van Buren. But actually, blah blah blah is simply a matter of opinion. It’s communication that doesn’t interest someone. It’s blah blah blah!

So what is no blah blah?
No blah blah is a kind of zone people enter when they are interested in a message. It is a zone where they are engaged in what’s being said. So how can you enter the Zone?

Tip #1: Be highly audience sensitive
Don’t focus on your message. Focus on your audience. How does your message address their dreams, fears and interests? Do that and you’ll be in the Zone.

Tip #2: Smile
Communication is about connecting. Your smile is a super tool to connect. Tons of research supports this, like this article from Psychology Today. Smile and enter the Zone.

Tip #3: Join our Noblahblah Training Week
Join us on our journey to the heart of the Zone. Join one of our trainings on 27, 28, 29 March 2019. Pitch your businessBuilding storiesPresent like TED. See you in the Zone!

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