Don't say a thing for 2 seconds

What’s the Holy 2 Second Rule?

Are you collaborating and working in teams online? Respect the Holy 2-Second Rule to help the team work better… and to increase your own charisma factor.

What’s the Holy 2 Second Rule? You see it every day on CNN, the BBC, and other news broadcasts around the world.

The anchor person in the studio says, “And now we go over to so-and-so, reporting live from so-mewhere.” And that’s when it happens.

Part of this is the technical transmission delay. But many seasoned broadcast journalists have trained themselves to wait 2 seconds to ensure that not only the technical connection is made properly, but also the conversation connection.

When you collaborate in teams online, apply the Holy 2-second rule. Let your team member finish the statement. Let the question sink in. Two seconds. Then respond and add your contribution. It shows you are listening. It shows your empathy, trying to understand the messages and feelings of your team members.

Listening and empathy are fundamentals to good communications, and to well performing teams. If you want to help things work better, say nothing... for 2 seconds.

And here’s a bonus: you even increase your charisma!

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