Good communication can make the world better

We help you present and pitch with more confidence, more skills and more story. In short, with more impact. That's the whole focus of our trainings, workshops and coaching.

At Noblahblah we believe good communication contributes to a better world. We enjoy the beauty of language and the power of a good story. We are convinced that every person can make an impact.

Where are the heroes? Bring on the heroes!

We believe the world needs more heroes to make it better. And we believe you are a hero.

Our heroes. The educators and students with ideas to change our world. The business professionals, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with ideas to work smarter and better together. The social and environmental heroes to make our world more sustainable and just. The artists, poets, storytellers, filmmakers and musicians who give us new insights into ourselves and our world through the arts.

Noblahblah team

Noblahblah was founded in 2018 by a number of entrepreneurs and speaker coaches associated with TEDxVenlo. Today we are an ecosystem of 5 trainers, each specialized in an area of presentation and communication, together with our trusted partners.

We can help you define and present your vision, your strategy and your personal brand. Together with you, we can help you improve communication within your organization, to the outside world, between cultures and generations.

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