Becky Baker and Sophia Gruner ask “Wise Women” to share their challenges, experiences and advice.
Their ambition is to help professional women to shine in their career.
Ekamma Inanga

"Believe in yourself"

16 June 2023
Wilma Nijenhuis

"Improve the world, start with yourself”

23 April 2023
Marianne Canters

"Always be your own student" ...

23 April 2023
Lidy Rutten

"When something goes wrong, we think it's all over, when it's really just a new beginning."

23 April 2023
Joan Lettinga

"We rise by lifiting others."

23 April 2023
Stéphanie Chaillaud

“I was raised to be brave and embrace the challenges that come my way as opportunities.”

17 July 2022
Bela Evers

“You are in control of your destiny. Create opportunities that you feel passionate about and go where your energy is.”

16 June 2022
Petra Beekmans van Zijll
Petra Beekmans van Zijll

“I never considered myself a leader. I just focused on working hard.”

7 April 2022
Dr. Alie de Boer

"I’m on a mission to find good substantiated information to help people make better decisions about what they choose to eat.”

4 April 2022

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